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Hopefully some good spring weather is here to stay and we can look forward to some great sports events like baseball and the always special Masters. As always during this time of the year, there are numerous happenings going on. Let’s look at a few!

Am I the only person who does not like the new major league baseball replay rules? Every time I hear an opinion on TV, the commentator is praising the fact that plays can now be reviewed so that the umpires can “get it right.” Heck, I want them to get it right too, but without the help of some replay ump located behind a computer in New York.

Umpires missing calls has always been a part of baseball. Managers and players arguing with umpires has always been a part of baseball. I’d rather watch a good baseball argument than wait two minutes for a replay decision from New York. I just don’t like this “technology” in baseball. This is a human game, so let the humans make the plays and decisions on the field.

I also see where Tiger Woods has had back surgery and has chosen to skip the Masters this year. Just remember that you heard it from me that some sports’ expert will still pick Tiger to win the tournament. Some folks would pick him to win if his obituary was posted. Some people just love Tiger!

I hope Woods heals quickly and returns to the tour. I am not a Tiger fan, but I do not hate him. My problem has always been with the TV networks and other media who focus all of their attention on him no matter where or how he is performing in any tournament. And it’s always worse at a major. I get tired of watching a 20th place Tiger tee off while the tournament leader is putting for a key birdie on another hole. It happens regularly.

Juts wait, the name Tiger will he heard often during the 2104 Masters, a tournament he will not even be playing in.

At the college level, the NCAA basketball tournament is coming to a close and my brackets are dead in the water. I had Michigan State to win it all, but they’re not around anymore. I had Kentucky getting beat in the second round, but they are determined to make a run at the title. I’m certainly not a UK fan, so I’d rather see Florida take the title. Sorry Gator haters!

Also, with the NFL draft coming up in May, the colleges are holding their “Pro Day” for their prospects to show off for the pro scouts. Seems that Johnny Manziel really had a good Pro Day, but I am not a fan of Johnny Football as a pro QB. His style is not conducive to pro offenses and I look at him as more of a Doug Flutie than a Fran Tarkenton. He’ll probably be drafted high and only time will tell, but I wouldn’t want him at quarterback for my favorite team.

I was so very sorry to hear of the passing of a good man and a very good friend in Kim Montgomery. I have know him since his childhood and remember him fondly as a member of the baseball team at Upson High School in the mid-70s. He was a scrappy and talented player.

Kim was a member of the 1972 Thomaston Little League All-Star team that won the Georgia State Championship. He was always so very proud of that and had many souvenirs to help recall those precious memories. He even had his uniform from that team. I’m so glad that he and that great team were inducted into the Thomaston-Upson Sport Hall of Fame in 2103. Kim enjoyed that!

I’ll miss seeing my good friend and fellow baseball lover!

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