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Jim Noble Guest Columnist

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My oh my, how the worm has turned. I have never been surprised by establishment Republican warmongers like John McCain supporting military action because they benefit financially from defense contractors who make fortunes from international conflicts. However Barack Obama, Joe Biden, John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid supporting military intervention in Syria has me baffled. It is like I woke up and the world is now up-side-down.

Thus when Democrats and Republicans who have never agreed on much of anything start trying to defend their actions against public opinion even before they take a vote, it is a clear indicator that we are being ignored once again by the “powerbrokers of hypocrisy”. Why haven’t our politicians learned their lesson from Iraq and Afghanistan-Iraq is a chaotic powder keg and Afghanistan is another Vietnam? Our intervention in Libya eventually led to the terrorist attack in Benghazi and President Obama along with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton still haven’t told the American people the truth about what happened on that “blood stained night”-cause and effect.

However, here we are again with delusional politicians thinking we can somehow fix the world. The fact remains that we cannot solve the human tragedies in the Middle East and Africa even though the despicable actions tear at our consciousness. Sometimes leadership requires leading by example rather than by force. America can’t be a force for good if we use our military superiority every time a gun is fired in third world regions dominated by dictators and cutthroats.

Just take a look at Egypt now-a power struggle between military leaders, democratic activists, and the Muslim Brotherhood-a terrorist organization. The Arab-Spring of 2009 has turned into a violent sand storm in 2013 where thousands have been killed by a military we support with weapons and billions in US currency, but that is ok because President Obama and Congress continue to support rogue regimes that hate America with taxpayer dollars around the world. And they justify their illogical actions by saying it is in our nation’s best interests. Who are they trying to convince: themselves?

The question is not whether Syrian President Bashar Assad is a ruthless dictator who in a civil uprising is willing to use chemical weapons on his own people; the question is whether we have the right to intervene since Syria poses no threat to the United States and our allies? And our intelligence can’t even distinguish who the opposition fighters are so why are politicians ready to provide weapons to potential terrorists who will use them against us-go figure? Despite our conscientious objection; Syria’s civil war does not require American involvement other than humanitarian efforts and that precludes the CIA’s providing weapons to resistance forces that we know very little about-it’s absurd.

Moreover, the Syrian conflict takes the focus off the Obama administration’s scandals (Benghazi, IRS, DOJ, and NSA). And when are we going to leave Afghanistan another failed military intervention for we can’t rebuild what was never there in the first place? Policing the world is not a conservative or liberal idea; it is a utopian philosophy that can never be achieved through force. Similarly, the words “nation building” is a political phrase used by politicians to defend their support of unpopular military aggression.

Truthfully, war profiteering is as profitable as oil and natural gas extraction and the unscrupulous actions of those behind the curtain are deplorable for their greed has no boundaries. Destroy the ozone layer, who cares? Poison our underground clean water and the land we grow food crops on; it doesn’t matter? Provide weapons that kill millions of innocent people trapped in brutal civil wars; it’s their fault. If these greed driven exploiters of humanity can sleep at night, then they have traded their souls for wealth and the power and influence that come with it. Sometimes the best reaction is no action and it is time the President and Congress listened to the American people.

Notwithstanding, President Obama’s speech did not make the case for military intervention. According to his logic America would oust every dictator and the last time I checked Russia and China are not democratic and their human rights violations trump Assad’s horrific acts. What about Iran and most of the dictatorships throughout the Middle East and Africa? And surely we haven’t forgotten North Korea, Cuba, and our South American neighborhood dictatorships like Venezuela. Now Vladimir Putin (Russia’s ruthless dictator) has stepped in with an alternative proposal to stop military action by the United States which gives the appearance of the tail wagging the dog-President Obama seems to be at the backend of every major conflict.

When it comes to bombing Syria, count me out. I am tired of my government, my President, Democrats and Republicans lying to me and making excuses for their poor leadership. No one approves of or agrees with Assad’s immoral atrocities, but where would our military invasions end for there are inhuman tragedies every day committed by ruthless regimes throughout the world? And while our prayers are for those who suffer unrighteously; if we kill in vengeance; we are no better than the oppressors we criticize.

I’m listening Thomaston, what do you think?

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