Knights look strong against Seminoles

By Wes McCard

July 26, 2014

The Upson-Lee Knights football team cannot put on their pads and give or take hits just quite yet, but that doesn’t mean they can’t go out and compete. On Tuesday they took on Thomaston native Shedrick Risper and his Westside-Macon Seminoles in a 7 vs. 7 passing game.

The two teams fielded their offenses and defenses without their offensive or defensive lines. The Knights scored three times very quickly out of the gate, even though the two teams did not keep an official score. UL quarterbacks Kalen Puckett and Kendarius “Scoop” Traylor each had their moments to shine, while wide receivers Kennan “K.J.” Hutchins, O’qualon Harris, and Kaleb Allen also had nice outings. Hutchins, who will be a senior this season, caught three touchdown passes in the game, and looks as if he has put on more muscle since last season.

Defensively, the Knights will play an eight-man front this season, something a little different from the past few years, but not too different from what they have done in the past. Linebacker Quay Reviere made a nice interception as Westside was knocking on the door near the goal line, while Puckett and Hutchins also tallied interceptions. Puckett got his interception while playing safety, while Hutchins intercepted his ball playing cornerback, although both of those players are primarily offensive players.

The Knights got a little better idea of how they have improved over the summer, as they took on Manchester and Jones County in 11 vs. 11 games on Thursday. All three teams were able to play their starting 11 players on offense in defense, but without the use of pads or tackling. However, the results from those games were not available by press time. Look in Tuesday’s edition of The Times for a recap and photos from the action.