MGA honors EMTs and Paramedics for life-saving work in the field

June 22, 2014

Mid Georgia Ambulance Service recently held an awards ceremony and luncheon during EMS Week for the agencies in Upson, Pike and Lamar counties. During the luncheon, several EMTs and Paramedics were given Excellence in the Field awards and Save Awards for their work in life-saving situations. Pictured are recipients of the awards Front Row- EMT Shawn Folds (Upson County EMT), Paramedic Melissa Funderburk (Upson County medic), Jesse Brewer (Upson County EMT, one save in Pike County and one save in Upson County), Paramedic Fairon Gibson (Upson County medic), EMT Joe Massie Back Row-EMT Joey Thiel (Upson County EMT), Paramedic Brian Jenkins (Upson County medic, one save in Pike and one in Upson county), Paramedic Drew Hand (Upson County medic), and Paramedic Jeff McDuffie (Upson County medic).