Rotary Club wins Upson READ Trivia Bee

April 5, 2014

Larry Stanford|The Thomaston Times

The Rotary Club of Thomaston-Upson won the 3rd Annual Upson Trivia Bee on March 27, 2014, a fund raiser for Upson READ (Renewed Education and Adult Development). Upson READ uses the funds raised to help provide scholarships to adults seeking their GED. Quad/Graphics, The Thomaston Times, Southern Crescent Technical College (SCTC), United Bank, Rotary Club, SouthCrest Bank, Trennis Dumas-State Farm, and the Thomaston-Upson School System made donations and provided teams for the Trivia Bee. The Rotary Club, SCTC, and SouthCrest Bank were in a three-way tie for first at the end of the bee, with the Rotary Club winning the tie-breaker, SCTC coming in 2nd, and SouthCrest 3rd. In the upper photo, the 1st place Rotary Club celebrates with (left to right) Carla Clayton, Lisa Ellington, team members Michael Mangum, Sue Mangum, Karen Harville, and Tom Jackson, and Allison Uphold. In the bottom left photo, the 2nd place SCTC Team was Chris Patterson, Sandra Patterson, Teresa Nesbitt and Jane Crawford. In the bottom right photo, the 3rd place SouthCrest Team was Mark Gaskin, Randy Flannigan, Jennifer Cummings, and Doug Head.