Upson-Lee Movie Academy Awards Ceremony

March 29, 2014

ULHS students gather together before walking the red carpet.

ULMS teacher Mr. Patel (far right) and two middle school students stop for an interview before the awards ceremony.

Students from Mrs. Bickley, Mrs. Rawls and Mrs. Weed’s classes won a Knight Award for the grades 3-5 category for their movie “Tea Commander.”

ULSE students pose for a photo before the movie academy awards ceremony.

Mrs. Hosey’s, Mrs. Rogers’s and Mrs. Dunaway’s classes banded together to create the movie “Figurative Language.”

Miss Suzy Love and her class submitted the video “Geometry Rap” for the competition.

Mrs. Tina Rogers’s class won the Knight Award for the K-2nd grade category with their video “Teach Me How to Read.”

Mrs. Stewart’s class received a nomination for their video “The 411 on 10-20.”

Family and friends line the red carpet to show support for the students before the awards ceremony.

Students were treated like celebrities as they walk the red carpet to the Fine Arts Center.

Each group of students and their teachers were treated to a limo ride to the Fine Arts Center.

Two young ladies wave to the crowd while on the red carpet.

Andrew Caldwell (left) and Ryan Chaney (right) smile with the Knight Awards they won for the “Tea Commander” video that was a collaboration between the classes of Mrs. Bickley, Mrs. Rawls and Mrs. Weed.

Each member of the winning group received a Knight Award.

Bethany Smith and Sarah Swafford presented the award for the grades 6-8 category.

Former American Idol contestant Madelyn Patterson entertained the crowd during the awards ceremony.