Miss Upson-Lee winners and contestants in primary, elementary, middle, and high school

March 1, 2014

10 Primary Finalists: L-R Front Row: Miss Upson-Lee Primary Ava Hemphill, April Cummings; Middle Row: Cazzidy English, Carrie Brown; Back row: Jules Passmore, Addison Mulling, Madison Patterson, Kylie Grace Gooden, Anna Adams, Emily Nebb, Sydney Beth Thompson.

Primary contestants Asia Williams, Carlee Dover and McKenzie English.

Primary contestant Cameran Ruffin.

Primary contestant Carlie Glanton.

Top 10 Elementary finalists from L-R: Miss Upson-Lee Elementary winner Jaden Brown, Blakeley Smith, Nyerika Banks, Mallorie Lindsey, Ella Kate Hinson, Ella Grace Rogers, Paige Taylor, Laykin Helms, Sage Rhodes, Kendall Gilbert, Ashlynn Anderson.

Elementary contestant Dixie Mangrum

Elementary contestant Elizabeth Cox

Elementary contestant Addyson Townsend

Top 10 middle school finalists from L-R: Destin South, Sarah Beth Ward, Shayla Spires, Madison Walker, Sarah Harrell, Miss Upson-Lee Middle School winner Bayleigh Jackson, Holly Hamby, Mary-Masdon McCrary, Bickley Reeves, Hayden Mullins.

Middle school contestant Sydney Robinson

Middle school contestant Alyssa Day

Middle school contestant Maliyah Howell

Middle school contestant Anna Davis

Top 5 High school finalists are L-R:Megan Collins, Jesandeep Kaur, Miss Upson-Lee High School winner Selina Rung, Leah Anglin, Miranda Daniel

Selina Rung performs during the talent portion of the pageant.

Leah Anglin sings during the talent portion of the pageant.

High school contestant Brandy Coley

High school contestant Megan Collins

Miss Upson-Lee Primary Ava Hemphill