Icy roads may occur Thursday night

By Larry Stanford

February 5, 2014

While the National Weather Service (NWS) is predicting a possibility of snow in the metro Atlanta area Thursday night, they say the chances of it being like it was a week ago are slim. However, they are predicting possibly hazardous conditions for this area. Upson County Emergency Management Agency Director Martha Anne McCarty issued the following release Wednesday afternoon:

“I just finished an impromptu webinar with NWS. There is low confidence from NWS that the potential for a repeat of last week is not there. They are forecasting a cold rain for our area, but we may see patchy spots of black ice develop as rain moves through rather quickly Thursday evening, and temperatures drop below freezing through the night Thursday. The fluffy precipitation will be to our north. And it is predicted at only a trace right now.

“Forecasters’ advice for school systems is to inspect roadways Thursday night to see where patches of black ice might develop, and then make decisions on bus routes accordingly. Temperatures should get above freezing mark between 9-10 a.m. Friday. There will be very little wind to aid in drying wet roadways, but the ground should be warm enough to help prevent significant icing. Bridges and culverts will be the main problem areas.”

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