BOC looking for input on consolidation at same time city looking for own animal officer

Ashley Biles & Larry Stanford

November 17, 2013

Upon County Commission Chairman Rusty Blackston made an announcement during Tuesday’s board meeting that he feels consolidating the local governments would be in the best interest of the community and he would like input from the citizens on the matter.

“I feel like I speak for the majority of the board here tonight,” began Blackston. “With all the problems that have gone on in Upson County for the last two to two and a half years…I feel it would be for the best interest of everyone in our county, city and local government if we take a real close look at consolidating our government. That would cut down on our service deliver strategies and would be a plus for everyone.”

Blackston noted he had mentioned the idea to the instructors at the Georgia Academy for Economic Development recently and they thought it was a very good solution to many of the problems that have plagued the community over the last few years.

He continued, stating that input from the public is very important.

“I ask you to contact your local elected officials and make comments to them. This is something that will have to be agreed mutually between all parties, but I would like to hear from you so we can find out if we need to proceed and go further.”

But if the following press release is any indication, the City of Thomaston is perfectly happy being on its own, without any thought of consolidating services with Upson County. City Manager Patrick Comiskey issued a release Tuesday stating that the city is looking for an animal control officer and is in the process of opening up its own animal shelter:

The City of Thomaston is enhancing the animal control program in town. The city is currently looking for someone to fill an animal care attendant position. The position holder will perform several services. The city plans to ask animal owners sometime in 2014 to register their pets with the city. The animal care officer/attendant will maintain a record of each animal including vaccination information. The care attendant will monitor the enforcement of this requirement.

The care attendant will work with the city’s police administrative officer to set up a shelter for animals picked up by city police officers. The care attendant will monitor the shelter planned for the city’s Veteran’s Drive complex. The care officer will utilize the data base to contact the owners of properly tagged animals. The care attendant will work with local animal organizations to seek adoption for those animals untagged or unclaimed. The animal care officer will put on education programs and assist in enforcing city ordinances regarding animals including cleaning up after an animal.

The city is looking for a self-motivated individual that is interested in providing oversight to the city’s dog and cat populations inside the city; provide care to housed animals; and is aggressive in actively finding ways to have unclaimed animals adopted and reduce the need to put the animals to sleep. The care officer is expected to promote animal health and reproduction control measures.

If you know a hard-working, self-motivated, organized individual with compassion for animals; please send them to city hall for an application. Anyone interested in this opportunity should submit a city employment application and a letter of interest to the city manager’s office at 106 E. Lee Street, Thomaston, Georgia, 30286, attention Gail Hammock or call 706-647-4242.