Spencer Price announces candidacy for District 18 State Senate Seat

October 10, 2013

Spencer Price has announced his candidacy for the Georgia State Senate from the 18th Senate District which includes Upson, Monroe, Crawford, and Peach counties as well as portions of western Bibb County and northwestern Houston County.

“It brings me great pleasure to announce my candidacy for State Senate from the 18th Senate District,” said Price. “I look forward to working with citizens from throughout the 18th Senate District in an effort to understand your concerns and to determine the most effective way to represent you at the state capitol.”

Price has lived in the 18th senate district for more than 39 years.

“I have a strong interest in the 18th Senate District,” said Price. “I’ve lived in the district most of my life and I’ve spent many years in service to the local community and its citizens. My candidacy for state senate is a further extension of that life of service. I look forward to a meaningful and productive campaign and I welcome your comments and suggestions.”

Price, 49, is an emergency physician and director of emergency medicine at a central Georgia hospital.

“As a physician serving in the legislature, one of my top priorities will be to increase the voice of healthcare at the state capitol,” Price said. “Healthcare is a complex issue that affects all Georgians. Unfortunately, there are few physicians currently serving in Georgia’s state senate to assist in sorting out these issues and to ensure that patients’ needs are met and their rights protected.”

A 19-year veteran of the Georgia Army National Guard, Price is a 1999 recipient of the Georgia Army National Guard’s William Few Award and the U.S. Army’s General Douglas MacArthur Leadership Award naming him among the top company-grade officers in the nation. He completed combat deployments to Iraq in 2005 and Afghanistan in 2009 and has participated in humanitarian relief missions overseas and disaster relief missions in Georgia. Price is also a former member of the NASA Space Operations Medical Support Team for the Space Shuttle program.

“My father was a World War Two veteran who served in the South Pacific,” said Price. “I wanted to honor his service by serving in the military myself. There are many veterans living in the 18th senate district and I am determined to honor their service as well by promoting veterans issues at the state capitol.”

Price is a life member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars and a life and Golden Eagle member of the National Rifle Association and is the former chairman of the Middle Flint Friends of the NRA. He is also a member of the Mid-Georgia Cattlemen’s Association. In addition, Price writes a weekly conservative political column for several Georgia newspapers.

“I’m a republican, a strict constitutionalist, and a true conservative,” said Price. “I support, promote, and defend the common sense values that made America great – values such as hard work, personal initiative, and common sense. These are the values I will take with me to the Georgia state senate.”

Price can be contacted through his website at or at