Hawkes Library gets computer grant

Staff report

October 8, 2013

The Charter Foundation has donated $5,000 to Hawkes Library in West Point to purchase six new computers.

The updated equipment will allow patrons to have access to additional software and online programs, improving research opportunities, employment searches, and educational resources. Hawkes Library provides many West Point citizens with their only link to computer technology and online access.

Quotes from Debra Robertson, Chairman of the Hawkes Library Board of Trustees:

“Hawkes Library is a valuable part of West Point’s history and a vital part of the West Point community of today,” said Debra Robertson, chairman of Hawkes’ board of Trustees.

“Even though quaint in size, the resources and benefits it provides make it essential to our citizens,” she said. “We are confident that we are representing the values of West Point for many people throughout the tri-cities area. With our historic traditions and legacy we have already become a reason why some folks make West Point a destination place. Any investment in Hawkes only improves the image of West Point.”

Robertson thanked Charter for its donation.

“On behalf of Hawkes Library I would like to express our appreciation to Charter Foundation for this $5,000.00 grant for the purchase of six new computers, five of which will be dedicated solely for use by the public,” she said. “These new computers will finally give us the capability to provide on-line services that our donated, used computers did not have. We are so grateful to Charter Foundation for your continuing efforts to enhance the lives of the citizens of West Point and the surrounding communities.”