Mutts – and owners – strut at annual pet show

Jennifer Shrader Staff writer

October 7, 2013

One of the biggest dogs turned out to be the best Saturday at the annual LaGrange-Troup County Humane Society Pet Show. Steve, a Great Pyrenees, took pet of the Year Honors.

To win Pet of the Year, the animal must be adopted at the LaGrange Animal Shelter, which is home to the humane society. Steve’s owner, Jim Hardy, said he got Steve at the shelter about seven years ago.

“We had a great Pyrenees that had cancer and his days were numbered,” Hardy said. Someone at the shelter called him to let him know Steve was there and would be put down the next day if no one claimed him. Hardy went to get the dog and he’s been part of the family ever since.

The square was packed on Saturday, with dogs available for adoption at the humane society’s mobile unit, vendors with free samples and food and drinks and the pet show that drew dozens of dogs.

At this year’s pet show, those in attendance also participated in a blessing of the pets with local clergy.

2013 Pet Show winners:

Category, Winner/Breed, Owner

Most Tail Wags: Isabella/Dachshund Cassie Haralson

Shortest Dog: Kimbrel/Dachshund mix Caitlyn Kious

Tallest Dog: Jackson/Great Dane Vicki Anderson

Owner-Pet Lookalike: Squirrlie/Chihuahua mix Sheila Hornsby

Most Adorable (tie): Amy/Rottweiler Susan O’Neal; Gizmo/Poodle mix Delores Holloway

Most Talented: Gracie/Border Collie Kory Trinrud

Most Athletic: Gracie/Border Collie Kory Trinrud

Most Patriotic: Buttercup/Poodle Avery Upchurch

Best Kisser: Squirrlie/Chihuahua mix Sheila Hornsby

Most Unique Markings: Gemma/Australian Sheppard Robyn Morgan

Fluffiest: Puccini Brenda Thomas

Pet of the Year: Steve/Great Pyrenees Jim Hardy

(pet of the year category is reserved for dogs rescued from the LaGrange Animal Shelter)