Alleged drunken driver charged with intent to distribute drugs

Asia Ashley Staff Writer

September 24, 2013

An alleged drunk driver faces intent to distribute cocaine and marijuana charges after a bag of drugs was allegedly found in his car Saturday.

According to a police report, Mon Trimphile Zackery, 39, was driving a 1994 Mitsubishi Eclipse near the Revis Street area when officer Jeffery Bryant noticed that the Eclipse was allegedly weaving all over the roadway.

Bryant, noticing the continued dangerous driving, conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle. Zackery appeared to have “glassy eyes” and the smell of alcohol was detected on his breath, according to Bryant.

Zackery was asked to exit the vehicle where he initially denied having had consumed an alcoholic beverage. He later admitted to having one drink and agreed to some alcohol testing, but refused the breath test. Zackery failed the alphabet test and refused to proceed with more testing.

At that time Zackery was placed under arrest for DUI Alcohol.

Bryant attempted to search the vehicle for alcohol when he located a small purple Crown Royal bag under the seat. The bag contained five individual bags of suspected crack cocaine and three individual bags of suspected marijuana.In addition, $290 in cash had been found on Zackery which Bryant said was consistent with the distribution narcotics.

Zackery had alleged that numerous people had been in and borrowed his car throughout the day, then asked for Bryant to “give him the courtesy of only charging him with simple possession as opposed to possession with intent to distribute because the drugs were only meant for personal consumption,” said the report.

Despite his plea, Zackery was charged with possession with intent to distribute cocaine, possession with intent to distribute marijuana, DUI and failure to maintain lane. He is being held at the Troup County Jail on $20,000 bond.