Students descend on LaGrange College for first day of class

Lewis O. Powell IV Staff Writer

August 29, 2013

The tranquil summer aura that had descended over LaGrange College’s hill top campus for the summer was shaken loose on Wednesday with students returning to class.

Wednesday marked the first day of class for returning students and the beginning of college careers for freshmen.

Seniors Blake Alford and Kirk Slay met the day with some trepidation. “It’s technically our last first day of school,” remarked Slay.

Both seniors are early childhood education majors and will be student teaching after this semester. “We are ready but we have more of an anxious feeling,” Slay added.

Some have noted that there may be quite a number of freshmen on campus this year, but Debby Baker in the communications and marketing department isn’t saying for certain how many.

“We won’t know until all the heads are in the beds,” she says. In other words, all the numbers haven’t been crunched yet.

But, many of the school’s student athletes — which compose some two-thirds of the student body according to Dean Hartman, Senior Director of Communications and Marketing — have noticed the uptick in freshmen on their rosters.

Sophomore Andrea Richard and junior Sydney Dorsey, both on the women’s soccer team noted that nearly half the team was composed of freshmen. Dorsey noted over lunch in the cafeteria that the school “definitely has a good soccer team this year.”

Matthew Daniel, a junior on the men’s soccer team, has noticed the same ratio for the men’s team. “I know that half our soccer team is freshmen.” While he’s been busy with practice, Daniel pointed out that he’s “seen a difference on the soccer field.”

Debby Baker notes that returning students will see some changes on campus. Price Theater, home to the college’s Department of Theatre Arts, is still under renovation. The work is “not quite finished, but close.” Some roofing work is also continuing after the hail storm earlier this year.

Baker continued by mentioning the school’s new exercise science program which is “growing like gangbusters.” The program has just just added a new faculty member and college has hired three other faculty members for other areas as well.

Dining with Daniel in the cafeteria was football player, Zach Piorkowski. He’s excited to be back on campus and in practice for the upcoming season. “We have a great team this year,” he says. But as for his overall experience at LaGrange College, he points out that here “you can not only do what you love, but you can get the best education you can get.”